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Cafe Pisolino

Cafe Pisolino is located in the heard of Avondale. It has not been established for very long, but seems to be keeping its customer base well fed. We tried this restaurant twice. The first time was when they initially opened. It was more family style communal tables which typically we do not mind, however, it did not lend itself to the menu they presented.

The food prices ranged from $8 for appetizers to $22 for entrees. To be fairly honest, this initial presentation did not lend itself to a repeat experience. Their service was fantastic, but the food seemed phoned in.

We decided to go a second time after they had been around for a year to see if the experience changed. It certainly did! Their menu was quite different than what we initially tried, some for the better and some not. They specialize in pastas and pizzas and their pizzas were fairly good.

One such pizza we tried was Giacomino priced at $21 and contained: fennel sausage, black truffle shaved on top and mozzarella. It was a solid pizza but not one I would gladly pay $21 for.

Their appetizers also left something to be desired. The one that stood out the most was Escarole and Beans which came in at $13. This dish had tremendous flavor, well presented and left you craving bite after bite. Frankly, this was the best dish I tried that evening.

The restaurant is trying to be the next up and coming Italian go to spot. While I applaud the effort, they have a long way to go to finding their culinary voice. The service was fantastic, and there were a few dishes that we enjoyed, the overall experience was pricey for the food put forward and therefore not on our "must eat at" list.

If you are open to a new experience and want to give it a shot, please do!

To the chef- focus on your flavors. Don't try to be fancy. Your voice will come with experience and you will eventually be able to build on that with enough time. Sometimes, good old home italian is exactly what is needed.

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