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Getting Figgy With It

The completed fig tart

As you may have noticed, the cover of our glorious website is a photo of a fig tart. Before you let your curiosity get the better of you, yes this was in fact baked by Jordan. He got his inspiration, and the recipe from The New York Times.

We got approximately 2 pints of fresh figs from Mariano's Market, took them home and placed them in the fridge immediately while Jordan began working on the dough.

The one aspect of the dough that is most important to Jordan is to make sure not to over beat it. Why? Because if you do, you'll get a very dense and heavy crust making it extremely difficult to roll out. This crust, in particular, is akin to cookie crust so it's really important to keep that in mind when mixing things according to this recipe. After the crust was completed to Jordan's satisfaction, it was divided and placed in the fridge to rest overnight.

The next day, he took it out of the fridge and warmed it up for only a few minutes before rolling it out. Then, again, let it rest in the fridge for approximately 30min. While the crust rested, he moved on to the almond cream. This was far easier than the crust as it was a matter of mixing all the ingredients together in the stand mixer and tasting as he went to make sure the flavors were satisfactory. Finally, he lined the tart pan with the dough, poured the almond cream in and baked for approximately 40min.

One fun fact, we happen to have fig jam laying around the place. Convenient and perhaps one reason we chose this recipe. You can always buy a fig jam at the store, we just happened to have it in our house. When the tart and cream were baked and set the fig jam layer was added on top and then a nice layer of sliced fresh figs. It lived in the fridge until we were ready to slice and eat that sucker!

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